"I started the F2T class basically knowing nothing about standup comedy other than I loved it. The class helped me create my own original material and the confidence to perform it."
- A. Burns
"I came into F2T with a few months and a couple shows of stand up already under my belt. I can honestly say that the environment that farm 2 table creates is refreshing and supportive, I would reccomend it to both those who have never tried stand-up, but also those who have done it or are currently trying. I took risks and played with topics during F2T that I had previously never thought of trying and created bits that I keep in my comedic arsonal to this day. Also, to date, farm 2 table showcases are among the funnest shows I have ever done."
- C. Stauffer 

"T'was a delight for my comedy bone and a great way to meet new people"
- N. Northway 

 "I had always wanted to try stand-up, but had no idea where to start.  The idea of just writing some jokes and going to an open mic seemed overwhelming!  Geoff did a fantastic job coaching us through the process of stand up, from where to find our material all the way to rehearsing and performing.  It was absolutely thrilling to perform my material on our Showcase night - an adrenaline rush I haven't experienced with any other type of performance.  If you've ever even had an inkling that you might want to try stand up, do Farm 2 Table! "
 - K. Alexander

"We loved being a vendor for the showcase event. Not only did we get to enjoy an evening of comedy, we also had a great time chatting and mingling with lots of really fun, interesting, and community oriented people. This is a positive environment where folks are looking to engage with and support one another. Word of mouth is a big way that people find out about our business. Getting to share what we do with more people is always a good thing, but making that initial connection in this type of environment is even more valuable. We had a blast, we got our name out there, and we left with a full tip jar. What more could you ask for? Wonderful experience all around - can't wait to do it again!"
- M. Boyl, Rain or Shine Coffee House 

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