Have you ever wanted to make an entire audience laugh at your stories? Do you not know where to begin? Are you petrified at even thinking about speaking in public, let alone coming up with something funny to say? We know... We've been there too. But this class changes everything. IN SIX WEEKS. Not only does it demolish those demons, but all those friends you were afraid to even tell that you had this dream will become your greatest fans. Sign up today! only 4 spaces left!

We will meet at the headwaters studio for 6 weeks on Tuesdays starting on October 17th and then perform on Saturday, November 25th. Two days after Thanksgiving.

In this class you will:
  • Cultivate raw material using YOUR unique passion and humor
  • Hone that material into a hilarious format that is accessible to your audience
  • Organize your bits into a larger set
  • Learn tips for memorization and stage presence
  • Work with others on developing your act
  • Participate in an open mic
  • Learn performance assessment skills
  • Perform in a show and killed 'em!


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