Farm2Table Comedy is a place where everyone can learn to make others laugh. From the development of your voice, to the crafting of your performance, we are here to make you hysterical. Our shows are about creating a great audience for fresh local comedians. And, like the name suggests, we are all about moving you from growth to delivery.

In October of 2013 founder Geoffrey Neill participated in a stand up comedy class at the Brody Theatre on Broadway in Portland, Oregon. After spending several years in many open mics in Portland, Neill was astounded at the receptivity of this particular crowd. Was it the fact that the Brody was downtown? Was it that amazing audiences arrive at odd times? What Neill found was: his class' audience consisted of friends of the new and up and coming comics. It was a Sunday night, at a terrible time, but the theatre was packed! Neill got to experience an audience that was interested in seeing their friends. It was electric! Amazing! Neill and his fellow students received laughs like they were headlining... but they were only just starting out.

When Neill performed in front of this crowd, Farm2Table Comedy was born. "There really is no in-between for comedians. You either are in front of people that you are in competition with, or you're a headliner." Farm2Table Comedy makes you a part of a hilarious team that is interested in a great show. It eliminates the waiting at open mics trying out new material, and gives you peers to grow with. The audiences we cultivate are local, excited to see all the comics, and mobile... able to land anywhere. It is possible to do quality stand up in front of a great local audience without the infrastructure of a comedy club or Hollywood.

Neill's first Experiment started as a fundraiser with his local Yoga Studio, the Lotus Seed. Starting with 5 students ranging from never before, to one of the candidates for funniest person in Portland. Friends flocked, Beer was Brewed, And people laughed. It was fresh comedians picked from the vine and served up for the audience's pleasure.

A year later, Farm2Table Comedy continues to bring fresh standup to the best audience in the world.

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